November Activities
November- Calendar 1
November- Coloring Page 1
November- Calendar 2
Calendar Activities
Coloring Pages
November- Coloring Page 2
Harvest Activities
November- Cornucopia
November- The Pilgrim Story
November- Pilgrim and Indian Activities
November Bookmarks
November Pencil Toppers
November Daily Rewards
November Student Of The Month
November Award
November- Pilgrim Girl
November- Turkey Booklet
November- Pilgrim Boy
November- Turkey Centerpiece
November- Coloring Page 3
November- Thanksgiving Finger Puppets
November- Place Cards
November- Creative Writing
November- Thanksgiving Characters
November- The Mayflower
November- Reading Harvest
November- Harvest Festivals
November- Coloring Page 4
November- States and Capitals Bingo
November- Moveable Turkey
November- Turkey Feathers
November- Pilgrim Bonnet and Collar
November- My Turkey Recipe
November- Coloring Page 5
November- Woodsy Animal Activities
Woodsy Animals
November- Raccoon Puppet
November- Raccoon Pattern
November- My Animal Report
November- Raccoon Mask
November- Who's inside?
November- Bear Mask
November- Coloring Page 6
November- Coloring Page 7
November- Woodsy Animal Booklet
November- A "Beary" Good Award
November- State Report Booklet
November- Paper Bag Eagle
November- Coloring Page 8
November- Book Week Activities
November- States and Capitals Activities
November Coloring Page 9
November- Book Report Alternatives
November- Reading Keys
November- Mr. Book Worm
Children's Book Week
November- Coloring Page 10
November- Coloring Page 11
November- Classroom Update
November- United States of America
November- Mr. Turkey
November- Turkey Wheel
November- Election Word Find
November- Election Day Activities
November- Classroom Certificates
Election Day Activities
November- Conference Appointment
November- Election Party Characters
November- My Letter to the President
November- President Cards
November- Award Paper Toppers
November- Campaign Button
November- Uncle Sam Hat
November- My Presidential Report
November- Conference Ideas
November- Pilgrim Hat and Indian Vest
November- Stand-up Election Characters
November- Open House Invite
November- Turkey Time Activities
November- Turkey Puppet
November- Reading Connection
November- My Book Report
November- Reading Certificate
November- My Reading Record
November- A Letter Home to Parents
November- Step Up to Reading
States and Capitals Activities
Parent-Teacher Conferences
November- Conference Check List
November- Parent-Teacher Communications
November- Parent Sign-up sheet
November- A Note to My Child
November- Mystery Student
November- Hands-Down Turkey Pattern
November- Student Helpers
November- Thanksgiving Feast Patterns
November- Mayflower Pattern
November- Indian Chief
November- Gobble, Gobble
November- Answer Keys