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Please allow me to tell you a little about myself.  My name is Merideth Maurer and I am a licensed in home family daycare provider.

Having been a working mom myself, I understand how difficult it is for parents to find good quality care.  I feel I have the love,
knowledge, experience and qualities needed to provide a warm, loving environment in which children can learn and grow.  I believe
that children are the most important part of our future, and I will work with you to help establish the solid foundation children
need to feel secure and to provide stability for their future

I take my profession as a child care provider, not as a "babysitter", very seriously.  I will obtain as much continuing education as
possible in order to constantly improve my knowledge and skills.  I have also received certification in special needs, infant, child and
adult CPR and first aid.

Although family child care is a form of self-employment, unlike other businesses, there is no room for physical growth or expansion
due to licensing regulations.  I am not guaranteed any benefits that most employees take for granted such as: health insurance, paid
sick days, paid vacation days, personal days, workmen's compensation, unemployment insurance, retirement/pension plan or
bonuses.  My contractual policies reflect this.

Admission and Enrollment

Merri's Home Daycare serves children ages 6 weeks through 12 years.  No child will be denied admission on the basis of his/her
race or religion.  We are an equal opportunity daycare.  I do retain the right to deny admission if all my slots for a particular child's
age group are filled.  Children with special needs will not be denied admission.  I am willing to undergo specialized training if
necessary to care for a special needs child and the parents and I will evaluate whether or not this arrangement is working as we go

Enrollment Procedures

In order to enroll your child at Merri's Home Daycare there are some items that will need to be taken care of prior to the
beginning of care.  I will not assume care of your child(ren) if I do not have the required paperwork, fees, and supplies.  I will
supply you with all the necessary paperwork and will help you with any questions you may have.  I will also provide you with a
summary of the family child care licensing rules, if requested.  All information will be kept confidential and is for my records only.


* application/record of child information
* certificate of health examination
* consents to daycare provider
* transportation/walking to and from school consent form
* IL child care bureau child registration form
* signed parent/provider contract
* late pick-up agreement
* receipt for summary of licensing
* copy of birth certificate


* first week's fee


* complete change of clothes including socks and underwear
* diapers (if applicable)
* diaper rash ointment (if applicable)
* swimsuit, towel, sunscreen (summer only)
* Boots, hats, gloves (winter only)

Hours of Operation

Merri's Home Daycare is open Monday thru Friday 6:00am till midnight.  I am occasionally available for overtime or weekend care.  
Any non-contracted care is by special arrangement only and will be at a rate of $10.00 an hour per child,  I reserve the right to
refuse any additional hours.

Open Door Policy

Merri's Home Daycare maintains an open door policy.  Parents are welcome to visit our daycare at any time during business hours.  
As I am busy with children I am not always available to answer the door immediately.  Therefore, upon arrival, please knock once
and then enter.  You are welcome to observe our program for as long as you wish.  Please understand that I will not be able to give
you my undivided attention.  I will continue with our normal schedule while you are present.

Enrollment Fees

If the required 2 weeks written notice is not given, all fees will be collected through the courts.


Payment obligation is based on the hours you agree to use child care, not on actual hours of attendance.  Both full time and part time
fees will be charged based on contracted hours, including missed days due to illness, holidays, vacations, or snow days.  This also
applies to early and late drop offs or pick ups.  Late drop off does not constitute late pick up.  In a sense you are paying for your
child's "slot" as well as for my services.

Overtime and Weekend Rates:

After contracted hours a fee of $5/hour per child will be charged.  Please keep this policy in mind when contracting hours.  Include
travel time in your contract to help alleviate early drop offs or late pick ups.  Payment for unscheduled overtime will be added to the
following weeks fees and will be due with regular payment on the first day of care for the week.  Prearranged overtime will be
charged the same.  This policy will be strictly enforced as it may infringe on my family's personal time or may take up another
child's spot..
Weekly Rates
Full-Time care: you sign a contract to pay the weekly
rate every Monday or the 1st day of care for the week.

Infants   $150/wk
1yr olds   $150/wk
2yr olds   $1
3yr olds   $1
4yr olds   $1
5yr olds + $1
After school care $7
Multi-child discount: $10/week off for each additional child
Daily Rates
Part-Time care: you sign a contract to pay the daily rate,
due on Friday or the last day of care for the week.

Infants    $40/day
1yr olds    $35/day
2yr olds   $35/day
3yr olds   $30/day
4yr olds   $30/day
5yr olds + $2