Payment Schedule

I have a "no pay, no play" policy.  Payments will be made in advance for child care and are due no later than drop off time on the
first day of the week the child is contracted for care.  If child is in care earlier than normal contracted time, payment is due at
actual drop off time.  If you do not have payment in hand at drop off do not bring your child to me for care.  I will kindly ask you to
return with payment.  There will be a $10.00 per day late fee for payment not received as described above.  Please do not put me in
the position of having to tell your child he/she can not come inside to play.

I will accept payment in the form of cash, personal check, or money order.  In the event of a returned check parents will be
responsible for a $35.00 returned check fee as well as any fees incurred due to the returned check.  All future payments must be
made in cash or money order.

All parents that have a third party payment arrangement (such as county or state assistant or employer vouchers) are responsible
for payment of the difference of what the third party pays and the actual fees. In addition, you are responsible for payment of all
days that I have listed in my holidays, vacation and personal days sections of this handbook that are not paid by the third party.  
All parents using a third party payment arrangements are also responsible for payment of the final 2 weeks fees.


A Receipt will be furnished weekly and a year end payment summary will be provided for tax purposes.

Trial Period

The first 14 calendar days from a child's start date are a trial period for the child, parents and provider.  During this period,
either the parent or provider may terminate care without notice.  Any and/or all final two weeks fee deposit will be refunded.

Termination of Service

After the trial period parents may withdraw their child from care by giving a minimum of two weeks written notice. I also will give
the parent at least two weeks written notice, except for reasons such as, but not limited to, destructive, uncontrollable or violent
behaviors, habitual lateness in pick up of child, lateness of payment or nonpayment.  These situations will be grounds for immediate
termination.   If it becomes necessary for me to resort to legal action to collect fees, the parents will be responsible for any legal
fees incurred by Merri's Home Daycare.


Merri's Home Daycare will be closed for the following 8 nationally observed holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of
July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the following day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  These holidays are paid holidays.  
There will be no discount in fees for the weeks in which these holidays occur.  

Provider Vacation

Each calender year Merri's Home Daycare will be closed 2 weeks for provider's vacations.  In most instances the two weeks will be
taken separately, however I reserve the right to take vacations consecutively.  Parents will be given as much advance notice as
possible, with a minimum of 3 weeks notice when I plan my vacations.  No payment is required for provider's vacations.

Personal Days

Occasionally I may find it necessary to take a personal day off for training, workshops or family reasons.  No more than 5 personal
days will be taken per calender year.  Payment is not required for provider's personal days.  A minimum of two weeks notice will be
given for provider's personal days.

Illness /Emergency

In the case of my illness I will call at least one hour before your scheduled drop off time.  In the event of a family emergency I will
give as much notice as possible.
Parent's vacations

Each calender year each family may take up to 2 weeks vacation while the center is still open at no charge as long as it is in the
same week.  A two week written notice of vacation is required.  If no notice, or less than two weeks notice is given the full weekly
fee will be charged.  

Substitute Care

Should I need to be away from the daycare for a short time due to unforeseen circumstances or in the event of an emergency,
substitute care  will be provided by my assistant.  This would be someone I would leave my own child with and licensed through the
state.  In the event of an emergency and a substitute caregiver can not be located parents will be called to pick up their children.

Please note:  parents are responsible for providing their own back up care for illness, holidays, provider's vacations, provider's
illnesses, emergency and personal days.  I will not be responsible for providing back up caregivers.

Parent Involvement

Parents are encouraged to participate in their child's experiences at Merri's Home Daycare.  As you are leaving your child with me
while you are working I understand that direct involvement is not always possible.  There are other ways you can contribute to our
program such as:  sharing interests and skill, Perhaps associated with cultural traditions, careers or hobbies, taking responsibility
for repairing toys and equipment, assisting in field trips, donating craft supplies, etc.  Any other ways you can think of to be
involved I would be happy to discuss with you.
(815) 218-5814