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Birthdays and Celebrations

At Merri's Home Daycare we will observe special days with activities, treats and possibly outings.  You are welcome to bring treats,
decorations, games, etc to help celebrate as long as there is enough for everyone.  Please discuss this with me in advance so we can
plan accordingly.

Proper Dress

Clothing worn to child care should be appropriate for the day's weather and play.  Please do not send your child to care wearing
anything special or new.  I teach the children creativity, problem solving, and pride in there skills.  Sometimes these values get a
little messy.  Please dress your child for real success!  Onsies or shirts that snap at the crotch, too tight shoes the child cannot slip
on themselves (i have no problem with tying) and tight jeans with belts, buttons and snaps that the children can't handle alone are
not appropriate in the daycare situation.  It has proven to be a source of frustration to all involved.  Children take pride in being
able to care for themselves.  If there is a special occasion that calls for special clothing (a visit or party right after child care or a
trip to the photographer), Please send the special clothing with your child and I will help them clean up and get dressed prior to
your arrival.


The following items are not furnished by Merri's Home Daycare and must be provided by the parents:
* one complete change of clothing, including underwear and socks, appropriate for the weather, to be kept at the daycare.  Soiled
clothing will be sent home and a clean change of clothes needs to be brought back the next day of care.
* proper outerwear for outside play.  Kids need fresh air on a regular basis and unless the weather is really inclement we will spend
some time outside daily.  Please be sure your child has all necessary items each day: hat, mittens, snowpants, boots and coats, for
* summer months: swimsuit, towel and sunscreen to be left at the daycare.
* disposable diapers (when applicable).  You may choose to buy a large pack of diapers to leave at the daycare and I will let you
know when you are running low, or you may choose to send 5 diapers to be kept at daycare as backup and send additional amount
each day for regular use.
* diaper rash ointment (if used).
* car seat or booster that meets current safety standards when requested.
* for infants: extra bottle for water to be offered throughout the day.
as i see many duplicate items, please clearly mark all of your child's belongings with his/her name.  I reserve the right to mark any
unmarked items as needed.

Arrival and Departure Times

Drop off and pick up times can be stressful for some children.  Parents are required to bring their child to the door each morning,
sign in, and help their children get settled.  Please knock once and then enter.  In the morning they may not want say good-bye to you
and at pick up time they may not want to go home because they are involved with a fun activity.  this is a natural occurance.  To ease
this situation I'd like to encourage the parent to take a minute to help the child feel more comfortable and to adjust by offering
positive statements.  A parent who shows reluctance to depart only makes the transition harder for their child.  The parent should
never leave without saying good bye.  A brief good bye works best.  crying will usually stop a few minutes after the parents depart.  
It is important that you establish a consistent routine and stick with it.

If your child misbehaves during these times, please correct their behavior.  My house rules apply from the time they walk in to the
time they walk out.  This is a time of testing when two different authority figures are present (parent and provider), and this
situation will be tested at one time or another to see if the rules still apply.  I will remind your child if inappropriate behaviors are
being displayed.  Please be prepared to back me up.  If your rules or desires are being tested, I am ready to back you up.


Children may be released only to persons indicated on the release form.  No child will be released without written parental consent.  
when arrangements are made for someone not identified on the release form to pick up your child, Parents are responsible for
notifying me in advance in writing.  Please inform your emergency contacts that if I do not know them and the child is too young to
recognize them (hi grandma), that I will ask for identification.  Explain to them that I do not mean to offend them.  This is simply a
measure taken for the child's protection.

Medical and Other Emergencies

Minor cuts and abrasions suffered while at the daycare will receive proper care, Specifically, they will be washed with soap and
warm water and properly bandaged.  Injury and treatment will be logged and I will tell you how and when the injury occured.  I am
also required to log any injuries I observe on your child which have occured outside my care.

If a medical emergency arises I will try to contact a parent first, unless doing so endangers the child's life.  In that case I will take
necessary steps, putting the child first (calling 911, doctor, poison control, etc.).  If need be, your child will be transported to Saint
Anthony Hospital and I will contact you from there.  Parents are responsible for all costs involved in emergency medical treatment.

In the event of a fire, we would evacuate the house immediately (3 exits available) and gather at the neighbor's tree.  This will be
practiced monthly so the children are familiar with the procedure.

If severe weather arises and a tornado warning is issued, we will proceed to the basement where the children will crouch and cover
their heads.  This will also be practiced at least monthly.

Daily Schedule

Below is a basic outline of our day.  The times may vary (with the exception of meal times).

6:30am-7:00am arrival begins, quiet freeplay
7:00am-7:30am breakfast/diaper
7:30am-8:30am freeplay
8:30am-9:30am story time/circle time
9:30am-9:45am morning snack/diaper
9:45am-10:30am creative art/ and crafts
10:30am-11:30am outdoor play
11:30am-12:00pm prepare lunch
12:00pm-12:30pm lunch/diaper
12:30pm-2:30pm rest/quiet time
2:30pm-2:45pm afternoon snack/diaper
2:45pm-3:15pm freeplay, self selected activities
3:15pm-4:30pm art/outdoor play
4:30pm-5:00pm clean up/prepare dinner
5:00pm-5:30pm diaper/dinner