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To reinforce these behaviors I use the following procedures.  Rules are first explained, then followed up with plenty of reminders
and lots of positive reinforcement.  For children 3 and under, redirection and time outs are the only methods of discipline used when
it is necessary.  In a time out situation the child will be separated from the group.  The child will sit in an appropriate place for one
minute per year of age, not to exceed five minutes.  When time out is up, I will talk to the child and try to explain why that behavior
was inappropriate.  The child is encouraged to give the offended party an apology and assist in fixing whatever went wrong, to the
best of their ability.

Children under the age of 3 years will not be given time out but will be corrected wit redirection.

If something of a more serious nature or a persistent behavior should occur that is of concern to me, I will need to discuss it with
you so that we can jointly decide on a course of action that is followed at home and in my care.  If the problem can not be resolved
arrangements must be made for the child to receive care elsewhere.

Children are never punished for lapses in toilet training or for accidents (spilled milk for example).  In either situation I will have the
child help me clean up if possible,not for punishment, but to help teach responsibility.

Potty Training

Upon the arrival of potty training time I will assist in helping with this, provided the child is at least 18 months of age, is showing
signs of readiness (able to indicate the need to use the bathroom, is interested in staying dry, is dry for long periods of the day
,etc), and the parents initiate the process at home first, either over a weekend or during a vacation.  Please keep in mind that the
activity level here can distract your child from responding to an urge to use the potty, more so than at home.  Therefore, once potty
training has begun the child needs to be in training pants until your child can and will announce that he/she needs to use the bathroom
and can control his/her bladder and bowels for a few minutes beyond that announcement.

During potty training the child needs to be dressed in user friendly clothing as much as possible.  The best items are shorts and pants
with elastic waists.  Try to avoid really tight clothing, pants with snaps and zippers and overalls as often as you can.  Your child will
want to help pull pants,etc. Up and down, plus clothing with too many gadgets makes it harder to get the child on the potty in time.

During potty training you are asked to supply me with 3 extra full changes of clothing, including socks and training pants.


Please do not bring your child to care if he/she is ill.  Masking your child's symptoms with over the counter medication (i.e. tylonol)
before care will be grounds for termination of contract.  The health department discourages the admittance of any child into a family
daycare home or center who exhibits any of the following symptoms.  therefore it is the policy of Merri's Home Daycare to not
except for care any child who exhibits the following:
* unusual rash
* fever over 100 degrees- child needs to be fever free for 24 hours before returning to care
* runny nose with colored discharge
* excessive coughing
* diarrhea within last 24 hours
* discharge from eyes or ears
* vomiting- do not bring your child if he/she has vomited within past 24 hours
* lice- cases of lice must be treated and child must be lice and nit free before returning to care.
* communicable diseases- all cases require notification of parents of all children in my care as well as notification of the health

Children with a mild cold can attend care if they can participate in normal activities (If the child is too sick to go outside, He/She is
too sick to be at the daycare).  They will be monitored and if the cold reaches the point that the child will not play, has a continuous
cough or the nose secretions are not clear, then the parent will be required to pick the child up and keep the child home until they
have been symptom free for 24 hours.

If your child becomes ill while in my home they will be isolated from the other children, still within sight or sound of myself, and
given special attention and comfort.  You will be notified immediately and will be required to pick your child up within one hour.  If the
parents can not be contacted, emergency contacts will be notified and they will be required to pick up your child.  If reasonable
efforts are not made to pick up a sick child, The child care contract is subject to immediate termination.  This policy is for the health
and safety of all concerned.

Before returning to care your child must be free of all symptoms for 24 hours, or be accompanied by a doctor's note.  If your child
has been absent from care due to illness for 3 or more days, you must bring a doctor's note indicating the child is well enough to
return to care.

These policies benefit your child as well as other children.  Your compliance is appreciated and will be compensated with the
assurance that all ill children will be kept at home.


Prescription medications can not and will not be administered unless all the following conditions are met:
* prescription is current
* medication must be in original container
* container must be labeled with child's name, doctor's name and when to be administered
* a signed medication consent form is on file for each medication to be administered

Non-prescription medications must be in original container and labeled with child's name, name of medication and dosage.  A signed
consent form must also be on file for each non-prescription medication.

Please give all medications directly to me upon arrival.  Do not leave them in the diaper bag or school bag.

A written log of all medication administered will be kept by myself.

Drop-in Care

I do occasionally accept children for drop in care if i have space available on any given day.  Therefore if you tell me that you will not
be bringing your child, There is a chance I will fill your spot for that day and you could potentially lose your day if U do so.  B
of this I do require that you give me a minimum of 24 hour notice if you change your mind or want or need to bring your child to
after all on your day.  You are still responsible for paying for all fees for your contracted days whether your child comes to
not.  I do not accept drop ins solely for the purpose of earning a little extra income, rather i do it as a service to all my parents,
which may include you if you would ever need or want daycare on unscheduled time.  Your 24 hour notice is not only put into
because I may schedule a drop in on your day, but will give me the time to adjust my menus and activities accordingly.